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4 Reasons Why American Airlines Sucks

Hey Clickers, How are you?
I have a question for you: Do you like American Airlines? I will give you 4 Reasons Why American Airlines Sucks.
For a long time I was very happy with the service of AA but they are not giving me another choice than make a review of them – and let’s be honestly, a bad review. So, let’s start this review, and after you let me know if you agree with me or not.

1. Service

Service AA

Well, the service could be way better, with kind people, smiling…but no. They service is kind of weird, people that work there are not happy with that. They attend you like “Fu** you”…
Okay. So I will tell you how was my last experience: first of all, I was waiting a good treatment and everything (like the first time that I came to USA, they were good) but was not what I got. Okay, I was coming from Brazil, I was expecting that they will say some words in Portuguese, but was all the flight talking in Portuguese- only. Then I though: okay, and who is not Brazilian, how they understand what is going on? Because they didn’t say one single word in English all the flight, just the videos that American Airlines show was in English, and that’s it. And they aren’t so kind when they was offering the food too. So was a lot of little things that make me really sad and that now will make me think twice before book a flight with them.

2. Airplane

AA old seat

So, the airplane…OMG the airplane! Let’s say that is really important, right? Other way you can not flight. So, when you enter in the airplane you first pass through the first class, and than I was surprise…the first class didn’t has the little screens for watch movie during the flight, so for sure the rest of the airplane will not have too. Yeah, the airplane was REALLY OLD, I think from 70’s. Seriously guys, was terrible. The sit’s was really uncomfortable and some one without some pieces, with the sponge appearing . The places to put your carry on was so small, didn’t fit at all the luggage – like a place that you usually put 3 or 4 carry on just fit 2, or less. So imagine you flying 11 hours in a airplane that do not have anything to do! That you are stuck with that little playlists and with no choice to watch your own movie, because the TV is a really old one and is one for everybody (when I said that the TV was really old, it’s because was REALLY OLD!). And, the airplane make so much noise, I was really scary! Oh, and I almost forget to put here, the light (the individual one) some of them wasn’t working and do not have that individual air vents, so if you was hot or cold, whatever, you do not have choice.

3. Food

I know that some people will say: “Oh you are complaining about food? At least you have for free…” – Oh come on people, really? I was expecting way more for the food. Because other airlines give a really good meal when you have a international flight. But the food was so weird that you kind of afraid to eat. The dinner was some chicken with potatoes and carrots, than a piece of bread, a weird dessert and that’s it. Sounds good? Well, the chicken looks weird with the carrots and potatoes. But I ate, for sure…because I was hungry. But I didn’t touch the dessert, was something green, like a cheesecake or mousse, but do not looks yummy, so I was afraid to eat. The breakfast was some fruits (like 4 or 5 little pieces of fruit), and some croissant or bread with cheese (??) inside… yep, I didn’t find the cheese inside LOL and didn’t taste good at all. And a little box of orange juice. I know that nowadays we usually need to pay to have some food, but I prefer pay and have a good meal then have this surprises again.
So sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the meals, but the breakfast was almost like this, but the difference was that in my breakfast did’t have any jelly to put on the croissant.

breakfast AA

4. Luggage

The space for luggage wasn’t so big how I said for you in that flight from Brazil, just saying one more thing of this flight: if you put your hand bag under the sit you will not have space to put your feet…so imagine you traveling 11 hours with no space to put your fet or at least try to stretch a little bit, horrible right?. But when I was flying Miami to Seattle they start to talk about overweight in the airplane, that if you do not check in your carry on, you could have the chance to do not fly with your carry on if have overweight. What?? Yeah, and if you could not travel with your carry on, it would come with another flight in the next day (??). Really? Come on. I think they need to check this. It’s almost impossible the airplane do not be able to carry one hand bag and one big luggage per person, because you can have one of each, right? SO it’s kind of curious how they calculate this ‘overweight’.

hand baggage

So, what I want to said with this review. I want to say that if you can chose other airline to travel, please, do it! Because I really don’t see any good reason to chose American Airlines again, because I’m really disappointed with them. They didn’t give me any good reason to keep flying with them, because they are really bad…getting worse.
American Airlines Sucks!
If you have something else to said about them, I would like to know. Just leave in the comment if you agree with me, disagree, have some other reason to hate AA. I would like to ‘hear’ you!
Please, every body, think about your own pleasure and comfy before book a flight with them just because of the low price, it’s really not a good idea, probably you will regret this later.

See you soon Clickers!

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