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5 Most Beautiful Beaches in USA

Hey Clickers, how you doing? I hope fine!
So the Spring is here and the weather is getting better…Do you want to see the 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in USA for travel as soon as you can? Here is the ones that I most like, check it out!

1. La Jolla – California

La Jolla Children's Pool Aerial Photo

It’s a beautiful beach located in San Diego, CA. La Jolla is an area of mixed geology, including sandy beaches and rocky shorelines. The area is occasionally susceptible to flooding and ocean storms.  The most compelling geographical highlight of La Jolla is ocean front, with alternating rugged and sandy coastline, and you can find wild seal there and stay pretty close to them. 

You can rent a bike and go all the San Diego Shores, it’s a great view and a nice thing to do with friends to see how beautiful is around there – you can stop any place that you want to take pictures and enjoy the beach and places.

la jolla

2. Key West – Florida

key west 1

key west 2

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida on the North American continent, at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. The island is about 90 miles (140 km) from Cuba.

You can find different beaches there, and all them have their own way to be pretty. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling are ideal at most beaches there, but you need to be carefully  because Lifeguards aren’t present at beaches, so you will put everything at your own risk. But you can enjoy a lot the white sand beaches that usually have warm water.


3. Lanikai – Hawaii


Ohh Hawaii, always taking away our breath! You can always find a really beautiful place to go there…for sure, all the places there are so pretty, am I right? hehe
But I chose just one from there, that I think it’s so beautiful and relaxing, that is the Lanikai. This beach is located at Oaho Hawaii is not just the most beautiful beach in Hawaii but is one of most beautiful in the world. You can see this by the pictures.


4. Outer Banks – North Carolina

Outer Banks 2

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a major tourist destination and is known around the world for it’s temperate climate and wide expanse of open beachfront. It’s a really nice beach for you take a break of everything and just relax by the beach.


5. Half Moon Beach – California

half moon beach


Half Moon Bay is a coastal city in San Mateo County, California. Located approximately 35 minutes south of San Francisco in the Bay Area, this stunning place has a combination of town friendliness, charm and natural beauty. It’s a different and nice place to go visit. Take a look and plan your next stop at this beach.
And if you like to surf, this is the right place to go, with big and good waves.

Half moon waves

So, this is my list of 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in USA. Chose you favorite and do’t forget to comment about your top 5 and share with all your friends. It’s always hard to make a top 5, specially when is about beaches.

See you soon, Clickers!



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