Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

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Today I come to share with all of you a good thing that maybe you don’t know yet – but if you already know, don’t lose the date! Today I want to talk about the Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. Yeaaah…Ice Cream!
Is exactly what you are thinking about: Free Ice Cream! And is not just a simple ice cream is a Ben & Jerry’s, the best ice cream ever!

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

What is exactly the Free Cone Day?

The Free Cone Day is celebrate every year to say “Thank You” for another year of support and with this they apreading the peace, love and ice cream around the globe.

When is the Free Cone Day?

 free cone day

Where I can find a Ben & Jerry’s near by me?

You can search here with the Scoop Shop Locator the Ben & Jerry’s near by you.

So, don’t forget the day and time to get your free cone in the Ben & Jerry’s near by you. You can check more information about the Free Cone Day and everything about the Ben & Jerry’s here. Enjoy a delicious ice cream for free! But do not forget to keep visiting the Ben & Jerry’s to know the other ice cream flavors. After you try one, you will desire to try all of them.
Next Tuesday I want everybody sharing the picture on our Facebook page! We will love to share with everybody this great experience!

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