Best Camera for Wedding Photography
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Best Camera for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an art and you need the perfect equipment to bring out all the emotions of the wedding in your clicks. If your pictures are not able to bring out the emotions of a wedding, then your wedding photography is nothing but a story without depth and emotions. The best camera for wedding photography is one that can help you capture everything the way it’s happening and at a quality that mesmerizes one and all.

Nikon D3300

When you want to click the best images at the wedding, you need nothing but the best Nikon camera for wedding photography and Nikon D3300 is that camera. The wide variety of features that this DSLR has and the image quality that it delivers with every click is breathtaking. Using this camera for wedding photography, you can be rest assured that you will never miss any raw emotion and your pictures will speak for themselves. NikonD3300 24.2MP DSLR Camera Bundle with 12 attachments including a 52mm filter Kit


  • 24.2 Mega Pixel camera
  • High Definition DSLR
  • 1080p full High Definition video capture
  • Picture sharing instantly using WU-1a mobile adapter
  • Comes with two AF-SDX NIKKOR Lens
  • 1- 18-55mm focal length with aperture ranging from f/3.5 to f/5.6G VR II Lens
  • 2 – 55-200mm focal length with aperture ranging from f/4 to f/5.6G ED VR II Lens
  • Camera has a 24MH battery


  • Stunning picture quality: This camera is all about the finer details and if you want to buy a camera for wedding photography you need to get a camera that can concentrate on the finer details. This camera can capture mesmerising quality images of nearby objects as well as far off objects.
  • Lens: The two camera lenses that come along with this camera are of the best quality and will help you capture the finest details possible. The wedding photos have to be rich in colour, and quality is something that cannot be compromised. The camera lenses ensure that you would never click a bad or a blurred picture using this DSLR.
  • Digital LCD controls: All the controls can be controlled manually as well as using the LCD on the camera. You can also click pictures by just tapping the LCD screen and can control every detail such as contrast or aperture or shutter speed using either the manual controls of LCD touch panel.


  • Equipment: The thing with DSLR and SLRs, in general, is that you are never having enough of the accessories that you need with the cameras. You might buy a wide lens but then some other day you would need a zoom lens. With this camera also, if you need to take all the perfect pictures, you need to have the best equipment with you.

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Nikon D3200

If you want to buy the best wedding camera at lowest possible price range, then this DSLR is an ideal buy for you. Wedding photography is all about seizing the moments with as much quality as possible and the superb quality of images captured by this camera is just mesmerising. This camera can be used for still photography as well as for recording and capturing moving objects and hence this is an ideal wedding camera that can be taken to your honeymoon as well.  NikonD3200 24.2MP DSLR Camera (CMOS) with VR DX Zoom Lenses - 18-55mm and 55-200mm


  • This camera is a 24.2MP CMOS  DSLR Camera
  • It has 18-55mm and 55-200mm focal length VR DX Zoom Lenses
  • This camera also has 24MP CMOS APS-C
  • image sen
  • sor format
  • Continuous shooting of up to 4 FPS


  • Continuous shooting: You never know during a wedding when you want to click a particular moment and hence you always have to be ready with your camera so that you never miss a thing. With continuous shooting, you can ensure that your camera is clicking images even when you are searching for the next moment to capture.
  • Resolution: This camera has just the perfect resolution and nothing better can be asked for. Clicking images from this camera will ensure that your pictures will be rich in colour and speak for themselves.


  • Body: DSLRs are not sleek and compact like the digital cameras and thus gripping a DSLR is very comfortable. This camera is not huge but also not very small which means that gripping it would not be comfortable in the beginning. Once you get used to the camera, it will work just fine for you.

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Both the cameras are great on picture quality and are meant to capture the best moments in the best ways possible. While the D3300 is a bit expensive, it also comes with a variety of accessories. D3200 is cost effective but might lack on a few much-needed accessories. The choice comes down to this, if you can spend few extra dollars, then D3300 is an ideal buy for you. But considering the budget, D3200 is sure not to disappoint.

Both of these DSLR cameras are from Nikon and Nikon is known for its picture quality and durability. These are value-for-money products and are certain to satisfy you as a photographer. If  I had to choose one of them, though, I would go for the D3300 because of all the accessories that come with it because they will come in handy when you want to click nothing but the best shot every time.

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