Best Lens for Portrait Photography
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Best Lens for Portrait Photography

Portrait photography focuses on capturing the person’s face and facial expressions. It is all about displaying the subject’s moods and feelings. For portrait photography, any camera lens can be used. However, the ideal portrait lens is the medium telephoto lens, and they are a must for best results.

Also, you can buy some of the best portrait lenses online. They are near perfect in their focal length and capturing moods and expression of a person. Further, we are going to review some of the best lenses for portrait photography and help you select the best one. Let us look at features and qualities of an ideal portrait lens.

Qualities of Ideal Lens for Portrait Photography

1)  Focal length – The focal length of 80mm – 135 mm is preferred for portrait photography and the focal length of 135mm – 150 mm is best for large pictures. Large focal length is required when the head and shoulders of the subject have to be included

2)   LensFor portrait photography fast or medium telephoto lens or prime lens are used. With the telephoto lens, people can shoot landscape images apart from portrait photography.

3) Aperture – Wide and open aperture are best to click portrait pictures. The wide aperture helps in blurring the background and focus on the portrait.

4) Angle – Wide angle of 18 degrees is preferred to click an excellent portrait.

Further, let us look at features of different brands portrait lens.

Canon EF 135mm F/2L USM Prime Lens for Canon SLR Camera

Canon is one of the most well-known brands in the photography industry. It is a Japanese organisation, and it produces some of the best quality portrait lens. The Canon EF lens has some unique features. Let us look at them.

Canon EF 85mm LensFeatures 

  1. It has angle view of 18 degrees.
  2. It has the focal length of 135mm.
  3. The extremely close focus distance is of 3 feet.
  4. The Canon EF lens can autofocus due to its Ultra Sonic Motor (USM).
  5. Its other features include EF mount, 72 mm filter size as well as the maximum aperture f/2.
  6. Canon EF lens also gives UD elements that can aid in reducing chromatic abnormalities and ensuring that the images are sharp, and the colours stand out.
  7. The USM motor lets you click on manual focus function even though the camera is in auto-focus mode.
  8. The Cannon EF lens are the telephoto lens.


  1. The dimensions of the product are 11.2 X 8.3 X 8.3 centimetres
  2. The weight of the Canon EF lens is 748 grams.
  3. The product offers two years warranty.


  1. The Canon EF lens has the focal length of 135 mm. This is one of the best mm lens for portraits.
  2. The aperture f2 aides in clicking some of the most stunning images.
  3. The AF mode also works very fast.


  1. The Canon EF lens can be little expensive to maintain.

Even though the Canon EF lens has its flaws, it is a great product to invest. You can capture some of the best portraits with this lens.

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Nikon AF-FX NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G Fixed Lens with Auto-Focus for Nikon-DSLR Cameras

Nikon is a Japanese organisation and is one of the most reliable brands among the photographers. Nikon AF portrait lens is designed to be used specifically for Nikon DSLR Cameras. The Nikon AF portrait lens has some noteworthy features. Let us look at them.

Nikon 85mmFeatures 

  1. It has medium photo lens with very fast aperture.
  2. The internal focusing lens allows to focus more closely.
  3. M/A focus mode switch enables you to manually fine tune the focus of the camera. This feature will also aid you to capture beautiful and sharp images from a distance.
  4. Super Integrated coating helps in reducing the flare of the lens and offers high-quality consistency of colour.
  5. It has minimum and maximum focal length of 85mm. Capturing images clear images with such focal length in poor lighting is possible.
  6. The Nikon AF are the prime lens.
  7. The maximum aperture of Nikon AF is 1.8mm allowing users to click smooth and bright images.
  8. The lens has a silent wave motor that enables the photographer to click images fast without making much noise.
  9. The internal focusing feature of Nikon AF lens will allow the user to focus without changing the size.


  1. The dimensions of the product are 3.13 X3.15 X 2.87 inches.
  2. The weight of the product is 350 grams.
  3. Nikon offers warranty for one year.


  1. This lens is light  and compact
  2. It is not too heavy on the pocket.
  3. Even though its focal length is of 85 mm, however, when the lens is combined with the DSLR camera, the length increases to 127.5 mm.
  4. Nikon is the best lens for portrait photography as well as events and landscape photography.
  5. Lens are made of durable, high-quality plastic.


  1. Nikon lens only works with Nikon DSLR cameras.

Overall, if you are looking for the best lens for portraits, Nikon AF lens is an excellent product and worth the money. The lens is durable and comes at a reasonable price.

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Sony 50mm f/1.4 Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera

Sony is well-known for creating most luxurious and stylish products. The Sony portrait lens are well-built with durable materials. They have some unique features and qualities. Let us look at them.

Sony 50mm LensFeatures 

  1. Its maximum aperture is f1.4, and minimum aperture is f22.
  2. The lens provides very high accuracy and clarity while clicking pictures with wide and open apertures.
  3. The camera has a super steady shot stabilization system to prevent blurring of images.
  4. The focal length is of 50mm
  5. It has 55mm UV filters.
  6. For full frame focus, the lens comes with Sony Alpha focus.
  7. The lens has a minimum focus distance of 1.5


  1. The dimensions of the product are 1.7 X 2.6 X 2.6 inches.
  2. The Sony portrait lens weighs 7.8 ounces.
  3. The lens is available in black colour.


  1. Even at wide apertures, it gives excellent images on APS-C
  2. The images are extremely sharp and blur-free.
  3. The camera does not make noise while clicking pictures in the dark.


  1. Not suggested for full-frame shooters.

Even though Sony lens has a couple of flaws, it is a good quality product.

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The Cannon EF lens has the best focal length of 135 mm whereas Sony lens has the image stabilisation system that can help in preventing blurring of pictures. The Nikon AF lens is prime lens whereas Cannon EF lens is a telephoto lens. Very often the telephoto lens is preferred by portrait photographers over the prime lens. The Cannon EF lens has the maximum aperture of f/22 whereas the Nikon AF lens and Sony lens have maximum apertures of 1.8 mm and 1.4 mm respectively. The Nikon AF lens has a silent wave motor that provides noiseless Autofocus whereas Cannon EF lens have UD elements to prevent blurring of images. Only Sony lens has the filter for Ultra Violet rays. The Ultra Sonic Motor of Canon EF lens helps to switch to auto-focus mode easily. The Manual mode and auto focus mode of the Nikon AF lens help to capture beautiful moments effortlessly. The Cannon EF lens offers two years of warranty whereas Nikon offers one year of warranty.

The best brand

Of all the brands reviewed, the Canon EF 135mm F/2L USM Prime Lens for Canon SLR Camera is the best camera lens for portraits. Even though the lens is little expensive, it is worth every penny. The focal length of Cannon is the highest, and it is a telephoto lens. These two features are most preferred to capture portraits. Also, the warranty of Canon EF lens is of two years whereas Warranty of Nikon AF lens is of one year.


Even though Cannon is the best brand, Nikon is not far behind. The Nikon portrait lens recommendations are that the lens should be compatible with other cameras as well. Sony is a very popular brand, and the products are of excellent quality. Each of the brands mentioned above has some of the best features that capture not only beautiful portraits but also capture beautiful landscapes. The customer reviews for Cannon EF lens have given most positive reviews for the product compared to Nikon and Sony. Further, while buying the camera lens, you must choose one wisely as buying camera lens can be a huge investment.

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