The Best Subscription Box

Hello guys, today I came to talk about the best subscription box, in my opinion. So let’s get started!

How you guys know, today you can find a lot of different subscriptions box – from make up to candy. That’s nice for who liked to try new things for a reasonable price. I want to introduce one in specific, that is a make up subscription box.

A lot of you guys already know about the Birchbox, Ipsy bag, Boxicharm…But did you already hear about the Play! by Sephora?! Probably just 50% of you knew about this one. And is this one that in my opinion is the best one!

But then you can as me why I think this, right?

Here is couple ones:

  • Sephora is a store with good products;
  • The price os the box is $10.80;
  • The products that come in the bag, you can find on Sephora;
  • All the product are from really good brands;
  • Probably you already know the brand of the sample.

So, for you see what I’m talking about, check it out the video of an unboxing that I did.

How you can see, all the products are good and the price is also good. That’s why I say this one is The Best Subscription Box. If you want to know more about this subscription box, click here.

Please, let me know what do you think about this subscription box, and if you already have this subscription?! Also, let me know what is your favorite subscription box. 😀

I hope to hear from you! Follow me on social medias: @byoneclick and @hellenhensel.

Thank you so much! See ya.


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