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Christmas time is here!

Christmas time is already here, and you can see a lot of houses with the Christmas decoration – actually you could see since November 1st or 2nd , yes right after Halloween.
So let’s be inspired a little bit with this felling. I’ll show you some pictures about Christmas just for your feeling come out! Are you ready?! Le’ts go:

Ohio - Xtmas time

Michael Hohimer - xtmas time

NYC xtmas tree

I hope you get some inspirations for decorate your house outside. And here some decorations for inside your home. Take a look:

And now, I want to share with you a music that I liked…it’s so cute and have a great message for us! Check it out:

I hope everybody is having a good time and having fun with this time of the year. Christmas times is here! But don;t forget that next week is Thanksgiving (soon some tips for this date). Enjoy your time with your family and good friends!

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