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Do you want to relax? So you need to watch this.

Do you want to relax? So you need to watch this.

But first get a good spot on the couch, with a good wine (or a drink that you prefer), an then watch this video to relax after long and tiring day with this video.

Take a trip with us to Canada’s oldest National Park filled with glacial lakes, northern lights, mountainous terrain and gorgeous canyons!

A little bit more about the place in the video:

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. The park, located 110–180 km (68–112 mi) west of Calgary in the province of Alberta, encompasses 6,641 km(2,564 sq mi) of mountainous terrain, with numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes.

The Ice fields Parkway extends from Lake Louise, connecting to Jasper National Park in the north. Provincial forests and Yoho National Park are neighbors to the west, while Kootenay National Park is located to the south and Kananaskis Country to the southeast. The main commercial center of the park is the town of Banff, in the Bow River valley.

So, now that you’re relaxed…what do you think about to go and visit this place?!

Have a good night!

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