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Final – New Adventure: Traveling to Los Angeles

Hey folks! Yeah, this is the last part of this adventure. But don’t be sad we will start doing a lot of posts with good places to travel. 😉
So, let’s start this last part: Warner Bros., Hollywood signs and the New Year party.

Warner Bros

FullSizeRender (1)

This experience was completely different the one in the other parks. Here we did a VIP Tour, a big group are divide in small groups that every group will have a tour guide that will explain and show you everything. We could enter in the studio of the TV show The Big Bang Theory – but we weren’t allowed to take pictures. But anyway it’s really nice see how they do everything. We could enter in other studios and in some buildings that they make some movies. Our guide was really nice and show us a lot of things. By the way, there you can go to a scene of the TV Show Friends and sit in the original couch that they used for this TV show.
Take a look:

Hollywood sign

First of all, if you don’t like to walk or hiking so it’s better you get a good camera and put the zoom on and take a picture, because anyway you need to walk a quite bit. But the view of the city that you have there on the top it’s really nice. Take a look in this pictures that I took:

Have two different ways to go there, but they will bring you to the same place. This is a thing that you need to do when you go to Hollywood. We went around 4 p.m. and was pretty good the sun and everything.

New Year Party

So, we arrive in Los Angeles on December 25th and we didn’t know what we were going to do on New Year. So when we went to Universal Studios we find a night club outside the park and that was pretty good. We both the tickets one day before, we paid $30 per person. The name of the night club is: Infusion Club. This nigh club you can find in other cities of the United States. Well, I can said that the party seams good but we went out kind of early. But, anyway, the drinks there was expensive – and we knew this before we go to the party, so we bought some beers to drink in the hostel.

The video was recorded a little bit after we enter in the club. It’s a good club with good musics. But if you think to go out it’s better you make a ‘warm up’ before the party.

So guys, this is all the adventure when I went to Los Angeles. We went back to Seattle/WA on January 1st in the morning at 11 a.m.  – not that bad to wake up early and go to the airport, anyway at 10 a.m. was the time to check out at the hostel – so we were okay.

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