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For who love it, a special date for…

Did you know about National Cat Day?! I never heard about it till today in the morning!
The National Cat Day is celebrate on October 29th. For who love cat, a special day for this cute friends it’s a good idea, then you can do something special for them. Or just squeeze them a lot! 😀

And for this “Cats lovers” the best phrase:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”—Charles Dickens

So, for celebrate this day, I selected some pictures and some videos of this cute and funny pets (that are part of the family, right?).
Check it out:


I found this website, that probably you will like to check it out: click here to take a look.

So for who love it, a date special date for huge and love more and more your cat it’s today! Don’t forget… and Happy National Cat Day!


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