My name is Hellen Hensel and I started the Portrait Photography like a hobby. I play around taking pictures os friends, and everybody started to support me to go ahead and start a career like a Photographer. So with this little push that I had from my friends and family I decided to be brave and take this serious, not just like a hobby.

“Photography is the beauty of life captured” – Tara Chisholm

This phrase inspired me to capture that single and beauty moments that people want to share with their friends and family.

Seattle have a lot to explore, of beauty and nice places for make a photoshoot be how you wish. The different places around the city make it easier to find the perfect place to take your photos, in different styles.
I do Portrait Photography for: Kids, Couples, Family, Senior, Friends, Individual. Everything depend what do you have in mind and we can make it works!

Before any picture be taken I like to talk with you and know a little bit about you and understand what do you have in mind, share ideas of places and what to wear and everything else to make the day of the photo shoot easier.

Photography is not just about take pictures, but be able to capture the feeling in the photo! And this is why talk and share ideas before the photo shoot is so important for the photographer and for who is being photographed.

Are you looking for photographer for your pre-wedding, individual portrait, family picture…? Here am I and here is Seattle with the scenic views to help your photo shoot be unique and unforgettable!
Are you around Seattle just traveling? Contact me by email (hellen.hensel@gmail.com) and lets book your photo shoot!