Live the life you want to live!

Did you ever stop to ask yourself: “What am I doing?”
If the answer is yes, so think about the answer. Are you living the life you ever dreamed? Are you doing what make you happy? So here is the thing, live the life you want to live!

I know that sometimes (and most of the times) the life we dream for it can look pretty impossible to achieve, but the main point here is never give up.
Do small steps towards your dream. Plan your life in a way that you divide your big goal – aka your dream life – in small goals. As soon you achieve one of this small goals you will be one step closer.

Nowadays, most of the things that we want to do, need money and for that you need to work hard. And here comes another question: do you like your job? Are passionate about it? If here the answer is negative or you are not sure about the answer, then we have a problem.
Why? Because we spend most of our time working hard to maintain ourselves in a good position. Sometimes, you work so much that you forget that is important to have a social life as well and also a “me time”, enjoying your own company.

It’s hard to find a job where you can work with what you are passionate for. But it’s not impossible.  the best thing here is find the balance in your life: yourself, job, friends and family…
Oh, and talking about friends…make sure to just keep closer the ones that deserve your time, that will be there for you when you need them and that will not judge you.

Nobody have a perfect life, but friends are here to make the life easier and more enjoyable, to have some fun when the days start to get bored and hard, to land you a hand and make the things happen. So, as I said, keep the good friends close by, better have just a few loyal friends then a lot of “friends” that you can not trust.

Live the life you want to live, mean follow your dreams and never stop until you get there. Travel often, laugh and love a lot, keep it close the ones that make you feel good. Love the little things! And just keep moving, if you need a break to have a deep breath… go ahead and do it, because you need this little breaks to keep moving forward.

Be happy and believe in yourself!

Please, leave your comment below of what you do to get closer to your dream life?

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