My Experience in Maui – Hawaii

Hello Clickers!
I know that I disappear for a while, but was happening so many things on my life that I couldn’t give the necessary time to the ByOneClick. But I want to share with everybody a little bit of my experience in Maui in Hawaii.

And the first thing that I want to share with you is the most beautiful and lovely time during my days at that paradise, that was my engagement at the last night in Maui. Here is the video of this beautiful moment:

Oh, I smile all the time that I watch this <3
Anyways I want to say that I will do 3 posts about this Paradise in Hawaii:

  1. Snorkeling in Molokai + Best Beaches
  2. Way to Hanna + Sunrise at Haleakala
  3. Luau in Maui
Mai Taii Luau

Picture by Hellen Hensel

I hope you Guys enjoy!
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Thank you so much, and see you soon in the next post about my experience in Maui, Hawaii.


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