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New Adventure: Traveling to Los Angeles – Part 1

Hey Folks, so this is the Part 1 of the New Adventure: Traveling to Los Angeles that I want to tell you. So for start, I will talk about all the firsts steps. I will mentions my experience about transportation and Hostel. So let’s start!

Airline: Virgin America

Well I already talked about this airline here, but at this time I want to tell you about my First Class experience. Yeah, first class is awesome! But let me tell you a little bit more details about it: my boyfriend found a promotion for the business class ticket that the price was the same of the economic class. The service in the first class is really good, the flight attendant was friendly and nice (specially the one in the way back to Seattle). Well, in the first class we have a special menu, we got a plate with some pieces of cheese and start with red wine and champagne, and a little bit before to land we got tequila, just to start the party – yeah we get the flight at night so we was kind of tired but we weren’t be boring so we drunk to have fun! 😛 – And I will keep saying that this airline is really good.



Well, how I mentioned, we get the flight at night, and we were really tired – and I confess a little bit happy with all that drinks hehe. So here is a good tip: never get a taxi from the airport, but let me explain: first thing, the car was smelling really weird. And right after the car start to moving I put the address in the Google maps – and if you don’t know, in the Google maps show the faster way and how is the traffic in the road. – so well, he start to said to us that he was going to another way that will be faster and will be just $5 more expensive the ride. I was kind of confused but my boyfriend said that was ok…and plus we were tired. So, he didn’t get any the faster ways that was showing to me, he went around the city. So the total of the ride was $75 – just comparing with the ride back (that we get Uber) was $24, yeah a really big difference, right?! So yeah, here is the tip: if you can get a shuttle or a bus, or just a way to get out of the airport to get a ride with Uber, will be the best thing to do.

Hostel: Orange Drive Hostel

We got a room in this hostel that was in Hollywood by the Madame Tussauds – I said a room because my friends and I, we stay everybody in the same room , better than shared a room with who you don’t know, right?! Well, the Hostel was really good – comparing with all my experiences in hostels – the breakfast was just waffles with syrup and some coffee/tea/hot chocolate. But the Hostel was really good, the service and the rooms were good, specially the location.

Bus-Metro Card

So, for who don’t want to pay Uber all the time or do not mind to get bus and metro, here is a tip: my friends arrive at the same day that me in Los Angeles, but they arrived in the morning time, so they enjy that day to know a little bt about Hollywood, so they get a good deal: a card for use ii Buses and Metro during 7 days paying just $25, and you could use how many times you need during that seven days. This is a really good deal, but for me and my boyfriend we prefer to get Uber – but for sure we get bus and metro with the friends a lot of times, we just prefer to get Uber specially when we were going back home after the parks.

Well, for the Part number 1 was this that I want to talk about. But in the Part number 2 of the New Adventure: Traveling to Los Angeles I’ll talk about: Beverly Hills, Pier Santa Monica, the Bikes that we rent to go till Venice Beach and Hermosa Beach.
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