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New Adventure: Traveling to Los Angeles

Hey Folks!

How were your New Year?! Did you travel? Did you take vacation?!

Well, I had vacation and I went to Los Angeles! So, I did a lot of things in my vacations and I want to share with you all that I can 🙂 And because of this I will prepare 4 posts talking about everything.


I will talk about the parks and everything there, what I liked and What I didn’t like. What is good and fun, what is not… I will talk about every step since I get the flight from Seattle till I came back. And this mean, talk about the New Year and how it was and everything.

I hope you all enjoy this trip, and please, feel free to make questions about anything that you want to know and are curious about.

And by the way, a very Happy New Year for everybody, in special for who follow my blog and Facebook page.

See you soon! And don’t forget to follow the blog to don’t lose any part of this trip! 😉

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