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Part 2 – New Adventure: traveling to Los Angeles

Hey folks, here is the part 2 of this travel. For who didn’t know about the other posts you can check #ByOneClick here and here.

So let’s start this second part! πŸ˜€

Beverly Hills

This place is really beautiful, with a lot of details. But if you already went there, well…then you don’t have anything else to do that. Yeah my friends, this place is for you go one time and that’s it. At least you want to spend a lot of money in the expensive stores around there. But all the buildings are pretty and you feel good. Just a tip for you that never been there: the people that is around there is really dress up, seams that they’re going to a party! We weren’t dress up, was kind of weird but it’s ok. hehe

Pier Santa Monica

This place is really beautiful. The beach is so nice! Before you go down to the pier you can have a really beautiful of all the coast and a good view of all the pier. This place you can go many times and you always will have a good experience. Take a look in this pictures:

Rent Bikes

In the same day that we went to visit Pier of Santa Monica, we rent some bikes to go till Venice Beach and to see the sunset – that was pretty awesome! Rent a bike is always a good idea, because then you can know better the places and you can enjoy a lot the view. We rent the bikes for 4 hours and paid $25 per bike.

Hermosa Beach

This beach I really loved. For who like San Diego/CA will love Hermosa Beach because you feel like you’re in San Diego. There we found a Brazilian bar – the name is Silvio’s Brazilian Beach BBQ, that was really good – specially for who is Brazilian like us, then you will feel really at home. but if you are not Brazilian, don’t worry, everybody that works there is really nice!

All this places that I went are awesome! But the one that I didn’t like that much was Beverly Hills, the place is nice but you can just walk around, nothing in special. But all the moments by the beach was really good. If you can stay in some place close to the beach is way better than stay far away. But is your choice and what you like to do on your vacation time.

So, the next part I will talk about the parks that I went: Disneyland, Universal Studios and Six Flags!Β All this parks the experience was good…don’t lose any part of this travel just following us. You don;t know how? just check here.

See you soon!

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