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Snorkeling in Molokai + Best Beaches in Maui

Hey guys!
Today I came to talk about my experience Snorkeling in Molokai and talk about the Best Beaches in Maui – on my opinion.
So let’s get started!

Snorkeling in Molokai

We were looking for a good snorkeling to do in Maui, and we decided to get one that go to Molokai – that is a little crate that is a really good place to snorkeling. We get some information by the office where we were staying, and had one that we really liked.
Quicksilver is the company that we decided to get the snorkeling day. They provide breakfast and lunch at the boat, and go to Molokai and to the Turtle Town – is a place that they said the Sea Turtles go there.

We decided to get the first boat in the morning – they offer 2 boats per day: one is Breakfast and Lunch, the other one is dinner. We needed to be there super early, because the boat leave at 6:45am – anyways we were getting up super early because the sunshine was early there, so wasn’t that difficult.  As soon as you enter in the boat you could get your breakfast, that was some fruits, cakes, cinnamon rolls and to drink, some coffee, juice, a Hawaiian punch, soda and water.

We went straight to Molokai, the sunrise during the travel time till arrive in Molokai was amazing! And all the pretty views around was breathless.

After we stay for a while at Turtle Town – that unfortunately we did’t see any turtle overthrew – we had lunch. For lunch we had some burger buns, salad, pork and chicken, vegetarian pasta (really good). The alcohollic drinks we need to pay, but the rest was free.

And just a tip for you guys, do not get the wetsuit that they offer in the boat, is not included in the price that you pay, and you don’t need at all because the water is really good.

The island from the top is like this (I got a picture from Google Images/Wikipedia):

molokai Maui

And this is how is under the water (picture by Hellen Hensel):

Best Beaches

I can say that I have 2 favorite beaches in this island. One is Kaanapali – where you can find the famous Black Rock – and the other one is Big Beach.
I will start to talk about the Black Rock (Kaanapali) that is one that we stay all day long over there and is beautiful and nice. In this beach is where all the good hotels are, and actually to you access the beach you need to go through the hotels. But the good thing is that there have the hotel bars where you can get some food and drinks. You can jump from the Black Rock, is pretty cool but when you get to the top you be kinda scared because is a little bit high, but jump from there is pretty cool (is why I jumped twice hehehe).

Okay, after I show you and talk about the Black Rock let’s move to the next beach that is Big Beach. There have a lot of waves, but you can swim really good there too. The water is good there and the place is very nice and breathless. There is no bar around there, so bring your own drinks and food (the time that we went have a food truck, but I’m not sure if it all the time over there).

Here some pictures of this amazing beach. Take a look:

Hellen Hensel

Hellen Hensel

Hellen Hensel

Hellen Hensel

* All the copyrights belong to Hellen Hensel, contact for using.

So, what do you guys think about this 2 beaches? I loved this two places. They beautiful and good to enjoy the day by the ocean and swim a lot.


I hope you guys liked the post and please leave your comment about your experience in Maui, I will love to read and talk about it. Don’t lose the next 2 posts about Maui. See you all in the next post!


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