Sweater weather

Is this a kind of sweater weather season? Are you into this style? In the last couple days I noticed that I was buying way too many sweaters and then I felt a little bit better because I notice is not just me

On Christmas I got from secret santa a really cute sweater, the sweater is pretty light but steal cozy, and for me that’s perfect, because I just need to add a coat on the top and will be all good.

I right away decided to use it, because it is cute and have the color combination I am totally into it and also because sweater are so easy to style and are really nice as a basic look.

Below is how I used my gift for the first time:

I was always a big fan of gray clothes, I noticed that the last couple things I bought were in this exactly same color combination: pink, gray and white.

And if you are interested you can just click on the pictures below and shop my look:

Milumia Color Block Sweater

Kenneth Cole Reaction Boots

Also, if you take a picture with your sweater, tag me(@hellenhensel) on your Instagram, I would love to see how you style yours.

I am really into this sweater weather, because it is simple, comfy and practical to use and style. Let me know in the comments how do you like to use sweaters, I would love to know it!

See you in the next post!

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