Travel: relaxing by the Lake Chelan, WA

Hello everybody!

Do you wanna relax and enjoy your life in a good place? Well, I have a good suggestion for you: Lake Chelan,WA !

Picture by: Hellen Hensel

If you don’t know the Lake Chelanis a narrow, 50.5-mile-long lake in Chelan County, northern Washington state, U.S.It is the largest natural lake in Washington state. And the view that you have there it’s wonderful – during the winter or in the summer time! Wake up in the morning and see that beautiful landscape it’s amazing, relaxing…trust me!

But let’s know a little bit more about this place:

  • The name Chelan is a Salish Indian word, “Tsi – Laan,” meaning ‘Deep Water’
  • Fed by streams from the Cascade Range and the Chelan Mountains, Lake Chelan has a maximum depth of 1,486 ft (453 m) (although some sources cite 1,420 feet), making it the third deepest lake in the country and the 26th deepest in the world. The surface of the lake is 1,098 feet (335 m) above sea level, while the average width of the lake is one mile.
  • The city of Chelan sits at the southeast tip of the lake, where its water flows into the Chelan River through the hydroelectric Lake Chelan Dam. At the northwest end of the lake is the town of Stehekin, where the town’s namesake river, the Stehekin River, flows into the lake. The Stehekin is the lake’s largest inflow stream.

But let’s see more picture of this place, right?!

(Picture by: Hellen Hensel)
(Picture by: Hellen Hensel)
Beautiful Sunset  (Picture by: Hellen Hensel)

I went there and I loved the Lake Chelan, and wanna go back to relax there! And what do you think about this place? Do you wanna go there?

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