Travel: visit the Times Square, NY

Oh come on… who never dream to go one day in your life visit the Times Square?!

I always had this dream…but I visit this place, and I just have one word to say: AMAZING!

When you’re there you stay kind of hypnotized with all that big screens…all that lights! When I was there, I just was so stuck looking around and saying: Wooooooooooow! Yeah, and this normally is the reaction of the tourists there…

But for sure, during the day this place it’s not so awesome, but at night my friend…well, at night when the show begins…

But, let’s know a little bit more about this place, right?!

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and a neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets.Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, hosting over 39 million visitors annually. Approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, many of whom are either tourists or people working in the area.

Broadway show billboards in Times Square, 2013

And do you know about the “Times Square Ball”? No…or just a little bit?! So here it’s a little bit more about this event:

The Times Square Ball is a time ball located in New York City’s Times Square. Located on the roof of One Times Square – the build that The New York Times moved – , the ball is a prominent part of a New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square colloquially known as the ball drop, where the ball descends 141 feet (43 m) in 60 seconds down a specially designed flagpole, beginning at 11:59 p.m. ET, and resting at midnight to signal the start of the new year.

The Times Square ball drop is one of the best-known New Year’s celebrations internationally. It is attended by at least 1 million spectators yearly and enjoys a national television audience across New Year’s Eve specials on several of the United States’ major broadcast television networks, along with coverage on several major cable networks. Around a billion people worldwide watch this event on television and over the Internet.

Now let’s take a look in others pictures of the Times Square, NY:


So, do you wanna visit the Time Square, NY?

I went there one time, and really wanna go back there again!




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