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Travelers, here is a good tip!

So, I went to San Francisco a couple of days ago – and if you want to know some tips by one click, is just click here – and I was looking for a good price to fly from Seattle / WA to San Francisco / CA, and I was searching 2 weeks before I go. SO, I was prepared to pay a lot, because I was booking the flight to close of the date that I was going…but I was surprised! Want to know how much I paid and each airline and everything else?! So Travelers, here is a good tip!

Well, I will tell you step by step where I look for and everything, let’s start:

1 Travel Websites

  • Expedia: I always take a look in this website. Well is one of the first websites that come to my mind when I think to book a flight. So, I took a look in this website and you can find good prices to some flights but at this time I didn’t book by this website. And one tip: even if you take a look and the prices are really good, don’t buy right away, take a look in this next website…just in case, you know?! 😉
  • Orbitz: so, I just know about this website because my boyfriend always take a look there and he almost all the time find better prices. Maybe you know this website, maybe not, but the thing is: this travel website is really good and safe – in case you are kind of afraid to buy in websites that you never hear about, you can trust in this one – and yes, you find a really good deals there! And yes, I booked my tickets in this website!

2 Airlines

So, the Airlines, I always try to get one that I know that is good, but sometimes this is not possible.  So here is the ones that I know (before go to San Francisco):

  • Delta Airlines: this one is really good! The airplanes are good and kind of new. And have a good space between the sits. When is possible I flight with this one, even because I have the fidelity program, that you earn points – if you flight a lot this is a really good thing to do! 🙂
  • American Airlines: I don’t know if I like or not this one, but let me explain why: well, I has a really good experience flying with American Airlines when I came from Brazil. The airplane was good and everything else. But I flew with them from New York City to Seattle, and then wasn’t so good the experience…the airplane was old and was kind of uncomfortable the sits. So with this airlines I used to say that you ned to be lucky to have a good time.

Okay, now I will tell you the airline that I fly this time.

  • Virgin America: well, I booked my flight to and from San Francisco with them. I was kind of afraid because I never hear about them, and never had any experience. So, I really liked! Everything is new, the airplane when you go inside have a good music to relax you, and the lights are pink and blue (if I’m not wrong). Seams that you are entering in a lounge, where you will have a good time and relax for a while. And yes, I was really comfortable and relaxed. I really liked. And have WiFi there – I bought 1 hour for $5.50 , but you can choose more options – I loved! So if you never booked the flight with them because don’t know if is good or not, here is the tip: book now! They are really good, the flight attendant are really friendly and everything is new.

Something that I really liked and thought that was really different, not boring like in the others airlines, was that safe things that they show and said for everybody. Do you know that now everybody is doing videos showing the security procedure, but usually is that boring ones, but not the one of Virgin America. Do you want to watch?! So check it out!

What you think about? Is different and is not boring. New things and concepts are great. Innovation 😀

So I think I give for all the Travelers, a good tip. If not?! So sorry, but I tried and will keep trying 😛
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