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What Do You Do When You Are Waiting at The Airport?

I don’t know exactly what you do while waiting at the airport, but I’m pretty sure that sometimes is boring wait for a long time. And when you are waiting for a long time and they just say that your flight will have a ‘little’ delay – like 1 or 2 hours.

Oh my God! What I will do now?! The battery of your cellphone is almost dead… Better you start to think about things to do!

Ok, let’s start with something that – for sure – you do (or at least one time did): go to that boring stores just to look around. Yeah, I know that you already do this, who never?! 😀

But what we can do to have a good time while we are waiting at the airport?! Well, I can give some tips that can help you to do not be so stressed during this time… Let’s check it out!

1. Your Carry On:

Yes, you can think that this doesn’t matter, but trust me: if you have a hand bag that it’s hard or heavy to carry, you will be tired and stressed. So nothing better that plan your trip having a good carry on, that it’s easy to pack and even if is heavy it’s like a ‘piece of cake’ to go everywhere!

2. Cellphone Battery:

low battery

You know that you will be bored if your cellphone dies when you still have a long wait time. So first thing, try to let the battery full before leave home. Well, if you didn’t have time to let your phone charging a good thing to have is that extra charge / portable battery charger, that will help you a lot (for sure you need to charge too, but at least you don’t need to use all the time, so you can let this charging). If you like to play games, download one game app for you play till you be sick of that.

3. Magazine / Book:

reading a book

if you like to read, here is the best way to spend your time. Bring a book or a magazine that you like. Did you forget at home?! Go to the boring stores, always have some magazine that you can buy to spend your time reading – or at least looking the pictures, that is my case!

4. Accessories:

For you have a comfortable time, what do you think about that accessories that make you more comfortable?! Like the pillow that you put around the neck. You have need to stay too much time sitting, this probably can help you for do not have pain on your neck. And just saying, if you have a good carry one with wheels you can use for put your legs up and feel better! 🙂

 5. Drink a Good Coffee

Yep, to me this is always good! The best coffee that we know that exist is Starbucks, right?! So, here is the tip: if you are crazy for coffee like me, make your account at Starbucks Rewards getting a Starbucks card. You can also download the app and check your account daily and get tips and free music downloads. So while you drink a good cup of coffee you start to earn something back. Awesome , right?! And don’t forget that it’s really common you have free WiFi at the Starbucks coffee place, so you can relax drinking a coffee and charge your phone while you use the WiFi! 😀

6. Read #ByOneClick:

This is a good thing if you like to read, but don’t want to spend money on this. The blogs exist for this! So read the articles in a blog, but not any blog…read #ByOneClick! Everything nice to read you can find here, and some good videos too! You will never get bored!

So, again the question: What Do You Do When You Are Waiting at The Airport? I really want to know if you have something different to do in this time, to not wast time and do not be bored or stressed with the situation. Try to turn the bad time to a good time for you enjoy yourself!

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